Yes, we do, although we specialise in memorial keepsakes and art. We understand that some clients choose to send us breastmilk for us to create a keepsake in remembrance of the precious soul they have lost.

Generally, we ask for 10ml of expressed breastmilk but can work with as little as 2ml. The milk does not have to be fresh as the breastmilk is not for consumption. If your milk is frozen, we ask that you thaw the milk before placing in the mail. 10ml of expressed milk is plenty for up to 3 jewellery pieces. 40ml if expressed milk is required for our DNA keepsake paintings. Please send your milk in a new breastmilk storage bag, which is wrapped in a paper towel and placed in a second new breastmilk storage bag. Please do not use zip lock bags, as they do not withstand the pressure of logistics. Breastmilk storage bags are also sterile and will not introduce any unwanted bacteria to your breastmilk.

We will return any preserved milk to you, should there be any leftover.