One of the most common questions we get asked is if our keepsake jewellery is waterproof. Yes,  memorial jewellery made from sterling silver, gold or platinum is waterproof. In fact, before each piece leaves the studio, your keepsake spends some time in a rotating tumbler submerged in water as a form of quality control. However, we advise taking jewellery off when swimming or showering, as chemicals in shampoos or cleaning agents can make your jewellery appear dull over time. In addition, chemicals in water may damage composite stones, soft gemstones and pearls over time.

A good practice is to take your jewellery off when swimming and showering. If your keepsake jewellery comes into contact with soaps or lotions in the shower, clean it with plain water and dry completely but gently with a soft towel and a jewellery cleaning cloth.

Follow our care instructions, have your keepsake professionally maintained once a year to keep your precious jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought them!