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What is a Memorial Diamond?

What shapes us as humans is our capacity for the unconditional love we have for members of our family, our friends and even our pets. Those magical and memorable moments spent together make up the rich tapestry of our lives. It is with this as the backdrop that we can offer you beautiful and eternal diamonds that are highly prized and valued by so many.

We are very proud to be a  ‘Heart In Diamond’ partner and to be able to offer you those magical memorial diamonds

How do we transform ashes into a remarkable piece of handcrafted jewellery?

  1. We talk in detail about what you’re hoping for
  2. You decide on a standard or a bespoke customised design
  3. You choose the colour of your precious diamond
  4. We send you a personalised Memorial Diamond Kit
  5. You return your loved one’s ashes or hair to us
  6. We handcraft your bespoke keepsake jewellery
  7. We send you updates during the creative process
  8. You receive your Memorial Diamond after 3-6 month

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Please note, that these prices do not include jewellery settings.