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Solid Ring with an impression of a baby foot and your Memorial Diamond

When you’re thinking about using your loved one’s ashes or hair to create a Memorial Diamond, you’re entrusting me with the remains of someone who’s precious to you. You share your heart with me as you tell me your touching story.

Trusting a stranger with your heart is no small thing. To listen to your stories of love and loss, joy and grief, is an immense privilege.

As I handcraft your treasured jewellery, I pour my love, passion and honour into your keepsake. Out of respect for you and your loved one, I work on one keepsake at a time.

My heartfelt desire is for you to receive a handcrafted piece of jewellery that links you forever with your loved one and the many precious memories that bind you together.


How do we transform ashes into a remarkable piece of handcrafted jewellery?

  1. We talk in detail about what you’re hoping for
  2. You decide on a standard or customised design


Get in touch with me today to make your memorial jewellery arrangments. 



  • this listing is for the ring only, please add the diamond separately
  • the memorial diamond is not included in this listing
  • all our jewellery is customizable to suit your story