Frequently Asked Questions

Handing over remains can be an emotional time, and it’s my job to lovingly support you. I have put together some common questions. You and your keepsake matter to me and I would love to create for you.

Whatever your style, we’ll help you choose the perfect keepsake and create it with utmost

compassion, sensitivity and respect. Your experience with us matters. Below are some more frequently asked questions. 

What is your turn around time?2019-07-17T13:53:09+10:00

A lot of work, soul and love goes into your family keepsake. Our standard turn around time is eight weeks from the moment we have received your keepsake. Please note that we do offer an Express Service which you can purchase with your creation at checkout or later on.

Do you offer an Express Service?2019-07-17T13:57:21+10:00

We realise that sometimes we need things a little quicker than usual, especially when the keepsake is something so very close to your heart. This express upgrade will have your keepsake creation completed outside of regular studio time and studio hours.

By purchasing the “Express Service”, your order is noted as “high priority” and will be completed within four weeks starting from the day we receive your keepsake. We have limited spots available each month for this service. If the listing is still available, this means we have a place for you and your keepsake.

Guaranteed finish within four weeks from the day we receive your keepsake
Postage via express post within Australia

Postage via Priority Mail for the rest of the world, please note we can not influence time your parcel spends at customs in your country.

Do you ship worldwide?2019-07-17T13:58:52+10:00

We create for clients worldwide, and it is such an honour to be able to.

We do hold a special import permit to import small amounts of expressed breastmilk so your keepsakes can arrive safely in our studio.

All other keepsakes, such as remains, do not need an import permit. Please bear in mind that postage to Australia can take up to 8 weeks unless you send your unique keepsake express.

Do you offer AfterPay or ZipPay?2019-07-17T14:01:21+10:00

Yes, we accept both AfterPay and ZipMoney for Australian based clients.

Other payment methods are:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
Do all remains have the same colour?2019-07-17T14:08:46+10:00

Before I started creating keepsake jewellery, I was not aware of how unique each soul’s remains are. Not just colour but also consistency is different each time.

I have not come across remains that do look alike. And because of that, your keepsake stone-like gem will have a colour of its own. Unique and beautiful!

How do you care for my keepsake while it is with you?2019-07-17T14:11:05+10:00

We take utmost care of your precious keepsake whilst in our care.

We love labelling and colour coding when we work with your keepsakes.

When your parcel arrives, it is meticulously checked and labelled against your order before being stored away in a safe area.

Throughout the whole creative process, we label every single step which is important for you and it helps us with our order volume.

We have a designated storage area in our private and peaceful studio for all keepsake inclusions whilst they are in our care.


What is an Immerstone?2019-07-17T14:16:45+10:00

All our keepsakes are created with the utmost respect. Our ‘Immerstones’ made from breastmilk, remains, placenta or umbilical cord are mineral or gemstone infused and are wo-man made stones bonded with a drop of resin for protection and longevity. Natural Immerstones are of a matt texture similar to those of soft beach pebbles.  All other keepsake stones are set in a jewellery grade epoxy resin.

Our colour chart will give you some indication of what your keepsake could look like. Please bear in mind that this type of jewellery is very individual and unique and slight variations can apply.

This is a handmade piece of jewellery, lots of love, soul and care goes into our pieces.

Immeryours has been creating keepsake jewellery since the beginning of 2016, and our Immerstones were created in 2018. Immerstones are the product of tirelessly working and creating while searching for the best material to hold such precious keepsakes.

Where applicable, we will return any keepsakes that were not required for your piece of jewellery or art. You will find postage information and shipping details under ‘More Info’ and also on top of each category.

Do you create Breastmilk jewellery?2019-07-17T13:49:22+10:00

Yes, we do, although we specialise in memorial keepsakes and art. We understand that some clients choose to send us breastmilk for us to create a keepsake in remembrance of the precious soul they have lost.

Generally, we ask for 10ml of expressed breastmilk but can work with as little as 2ml. The milk does not have to be fresh as the breastmilk is not for consumption. If your milk is frozen, we ask that you thaw the milk before placing in the mail. 10ml of expressed milk is plenty for up to 3 jewellery pieces. 40ml if expressed milk is required for our DNA keepsake paintings. Please send your milk in a new breastmilk storage bag, which is wrapped in a paper towel and placed in a second new breastmilk storage bag. Please do not use zip lock bags, as they do not withstand the pressure of logistics. Breastmilk storage bags are also sterile and will not introduce any unwanted bacteria to your breastmilk.

We will return any preserved milk to you, should there be any leftover.