When we experience grief and loss, we ask ourselves what we can do with our loved ones’ ashes? Is there something we can make from their belongings? Is there an alternative to traditional urns? How do I send the ashes of a loved one?

Our keepsakes are so much more than just jewellery, and choosing the perfect keepsake often comes with questions. Personalized keepsakes can bring comfort, give you a warm emotional hug or remind you of favourite moments with your loved ones.

We can create memorial keepsakes from cremation ashes, locks of hair, fur, soil from a final resting place, material from a favourite shirt and even flowers are often sent to our studio.

Here is a little guide and answers to our clients’ most commonly asked questions, so you can read these at your leisure. We understand this may be an emotional time for you and that letting go of mementos may be difficult. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions.

You and your keepsakes matter to us, and it’s our job to lovingly support you as we work together.




Are you an Australian Made certified business?
We are proud to say that we recCan I change my design after I ordered?eived ‘Australian Made’ accreditation in 2020. All our products are sourced, created and made in Australia. We support small Australian business wherever we can by purchasing directly from those businesses.
Can I add more than one keepsake to my jewellery?

Yes, absolutely. Most of our designs are suitable to have more than one keepsake encapsulated. For example, many clients choose the following combinations:

  • ashes/lock of hair
  • ashes / fur / horse mane
  • preserved breastmilk/lock of hair
  • lock of hair from more than one person
  • flowers/ashes

However, some designs are not suitable to carry more than one keepsake. Those designs usually have that information displayed in the shop description. If you are unsure about your keepsake and the chosen design, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We can do many things to craft your precious keepsake, and we are happy to guide you through it.

Can I change my address after I order?

For insurance reasons, we are legally only allowed to ship to the address provided at the time of purchase. Please supply two forms of ID, if you made an error entering your address at the time of sale.

Can I personally drop off my keepsake?

We are no longer able to allow studio visits due to COVID measures and insurance policies. If you like to meet in person to discuss, we are more than happy to make other arrangements if need be.

Can I post my breastmilk in the mail?

For the preservation process, we do not need the milk to be fresh. Our preservatives chemical preservation process allows us to use expired breastmilk. We have created breastmilk jewellery for many international clients whose breastmilk travelled for more than three months

Can my breastmilk be frozen?

The milk does not have to be fresh as the breastmilk is not for consumption. If your milk is frozen, we ask that you thaw the milk before placing in the mail.

Can you use the umbilical cord for my keepsake?

We can craft your umbilical ord keepsake just for you. If you don’t feel like throwing away your baby’s umbilical cord stump, there are many things you can do to save it and keep it for years to come.

One of the things you can do is to have an umbilical cord keepsake crafted for you. The beauty of such a keepsake is that the umbilical cord will be professionally preserved in our studio. Your keepsake can be as bold or as dainty as you like and it is up to you to reveal your jewellery special story.

Everything you need to send us your babies umbilical cord will be provided in our complimentary return care kits. Upon the arrival of your umbilical keepsake, the provided cord stump is then professionally preserved in our studio. A small sample of your babies umbilical cord can either create a beautiful earthy toned keepsake or set as an accent with other keepsakes or alone. We kindly ask that you do not send us the entire umbilical cord but only a small snippet.

Do all remains have the same colour?

Not only are ashes different in colour but also consistency. We have not come across remains that do look alike. And because of that, your keepsake composite stone will have a colour of its own. Unique and beautiful!

Do you create Breastmilk jewellery?

Yes, we do, although we specialize in memorial keepsakes and art. We understand that some clients choose to send us breastmilk for us to create a keepsake in remembrance of the precious soul they have lost.

How much breastmilk do you need?

Generally, we ask for 10ml of expressed breastmilk but can work with as little as 2ml. 10ml of expressed milk is plenty for up to 3 jewellery pieces.
Please send your milk in our provided sterile breastmilk storage bag, wrapped in a paper towel and placed in a second breastmilk storage bag. Please do not use zip lock bags, as they do not withstand the pressure of logistics. We will return any preserved milk to you, should there be any leftover.

Do you offer a refund on keepsakes?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we are happy to work with you until you are satisfied with your precious piece. Due to the nature of our bespoke service, refunds and exchange are not granted, which is in accord with Australian consumer law. We will do everything in our power to ensure you are 100% in love with your keepsake.

Do you offer an Express Service?

We realize that sometimes we need things a little quicker than usual, especially when the keepsake is something so very close to your heart. This express upgrade will have your keepsake creation completed outside of regular studio time and studio hours.
By purchasing the “Express Service”, your order is noted as “high priority” and will be completed within four weeks starting from the day we receive your keepsake. We have limited spots available each month for this service. If the listing is still available, this means we have a place for you and your keepsake.

How do I know it is my keepsake in my jewellery?

When you order through Immeryours, we start creating all the paperwork, labelled all the information we need. When your keepsake arrives in our studio, we check all your provided information, label everything again and store your kit separately away from other keepsakes. We only create one keepsake at the time. This process is not only a great safety measure but also ensures your memorial keepsake receives the respect it deserves.

How do you care for my keepsake while it is with you?

We take utmost care of your precious keepsake whilst in our care.
When your parcel arrives, it is meticulously checked and labelled against your order before being stored away in a safe area.
Throughout the whole creative process, we take notes of every single step, which is crucial for us, and it helps us with our order volume. Your keepsake is stored away in a designated area, away from other keepsakes as a matter of respect.

How many of the ashes do you need?

Our return care kit comes with a small compartment to store the ashes. We generally ask for 1/2 teaspoon of remains. Though we only work with a pinch at the time, we found that most clients do not want to handle the ashes with their hands and prefer to use a teaspoon. We will always return everything that is no needed for your keepsake.

I only have 5 strands of hair? Is that enough?

5 strands of hair can be more than enough for your keepsake. Wether you have one strand of hair or a horse tail, we craft with what you have available. Depending on the colour of the hair or fur, it can make a significant impact on the design. Sometimes a strand of hair or  lock of hair or fur is not visible as such, but you will know it is there. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to discuss prior choosing your keepsake.

I received my ring, but it doesn’t fit?

All jewellery is made to size, and we create to the size you have provided us. As our finger size can change over time, we offer a complimentary ring resizing here. Please note that some material can not be resized and we encourage you to check your size correctly.

Is a lock of hair enough?

Yes, a lock of hair is plenty. We work with you and your keepsake to create something special and meaningful. Please note that blond or fine hair can become translucent on resin and more hair would be required if you are after a bold effect.

Is my keepsake broken? What do I do?

In the rare event of a defect, kindly take a picture of the affected area and send it to us via email at [email protected]. We will then assess with you and our jewellers the best way of fixing the issue. Depending on the error, a repair charge may apply. If the problem is a fault in our craftsmanship, we, of course, will repair at no charge.

Jewellery Care

Our composite stones are made from material from two or more different materials, such as Epoxy resin. Our Epoxy resin is one of the best resins available on the market. As a commitment to your keepsake, we are staying on top of the market by conduction ongoing material research to ensure we offer you the best materials at the time.

What if I don’t know my ring size?

All our return care kits come with a complimentary ring sizer. You are welcome to use the sizer or head to your, local jewellery for correct sizing.

What is an Immerstone?

Our Immerstones are a form of composite stones, though featuring our proven formula for added strength.
Immerstones are the product of tirelessly working and creating while searching for the best material to hold such precious keepsakes. Our ‘Immerstones’ mineral or gemstone infused composite stones bonded with resin for protection and longevity. Our colour chart will give you some indication of what your keepsake could look like. Please bear in mind that this type of jewellery is very individual and unique and slight variations can apply

What is your turn around time?

A lot of work, soul and love goes into your family keepsake. Our standard turn around time is eight to ten weeks from the moment we have received your keepsake. Please note that we do offer an Express Service which you can purchase with your creation at checkout or later on.

Where are you located?

Our purposely build and peaceful studio is located on private premises in Mareeba; Far North Queensland tucked away from the noise of daily life.

Why do the colours look different each time?

The nature of DNA jewellery is that each keepsake is different in terms of colour and texture. It is impossible to recreate a particular look, colour or texture. The original colour of your keepsake will affect the overall final colour of your bespoke design. This is not a flaw but the beauty of such precious jewellery.

Why does it take so long to receive my keepsake?

All our jewellery is handmade in Australia with quality materials. My self and my team of qualified jewellers take great pride in the work that is involved in creating a piece that is made by hand. We will not opt for mass-produced fast fashion, but rather create family heirlooms that are designed from the heart and last.

Why has my breastmilk a different colour?

Sometimes slight colour changes can occur due to different diets or medication intake. We have been preserving breastmilk professionally since 2016 and have fine-tuned the art of preserving breastmilk. Unless requested, we will not alter the colour of your preserved milk.


Can I change my design after I ordered?
We start planning and creating from the moment you order to reduce the time you have to wait for your keepsake. This means we can not accept changes to your keepsake jewellery after you have placed your order. Please take your time ordering the perfect memento to make sure you select what feels right for you. You are welcome to contact us if you have questions and we happy to help.
Do you offer AfterPay or ZipPay?
Yes, we accept both AfterPay and ZipMoney for Australian based clients.
Other payment methods are:
• PayPal
• Credit Card


Do you offer an Express Service?

We realise that sometimes we need things a little quicker than usual, especially when the keepsake is something so very close to your heart. This express upgrade will have your keepsake creation completed outside of regular studio time and studio hours.

By purchasing the “Express Service”, your order is noted as “high priority” and will be completed within four weeks starting from the day we receive your keepsake. We have limited spots available each month for this service. If the listing is still available, this means we have a place for you and your keepsake.

Guaranteed finish within four weeks from the day we receive your keepsake
Postage via express post within Australia

Postage via Priority Mail for the rest of the world, please note we can not influence time your parcel spends at customs in your country.

Do you ship worldwide?

We create for clients worldwide, and it is such an honour to be able to.

We do hold a special import permit to import small amounts of expressed breastmilk so your keepsakes can arrive safely in our studio.

All other keepsakes, such as remains, do not need an import permit. Please bear in mind that postage to Australia can take up to 8 weeks unless you send your unique keepsake express.

How can I send you my keepsake?

Taken the worry a little bit away from you, we provide you with a return care kit which will include everything you need to post your keepsake to our studio.

How do I know you have posted my return care kit or order?

At Immeryours, we make pride ourself in personal service. You will receive an email from us confirming your return care kit has been sent and is on the way via registered mail. Please check your spam folder in case our email went astray.

How do you ship my finished piece?

Finishing your keepsake is often emotional for me as much as it is for you. Our jewellery is so much more than just jewellery; it’s a story and a moment in time captured for you to keep forever. We will post your keepsake via registered mail in secure environmental friendly packaging. All parcels will require a signature upon arrival for additional security and peace of mind.

What happens after I order?

Everything you need is in in the return care kit with instructions. We have included a prepaid return envelope for your convenience. Please return your keepsake kit within two weeks. We kindly ask that you reuse the cardboard box your return care kit comes in and place everything in the prepaid envelope. Please keep the tracking number for your peace of mind. You can check via Australia Post the whereabouts of your parcel at any time.

When do you ship my order?

We will stay in contact with you through the entire creation time. You will receive a confirmation email with an estimate completion date and a date your item will be posted to you. Please bear in mind that we are in a remote area, outside the Express Postal network and shipping times can be longer than usual.

Why have you not posted my order yet?

We take great pride in the quality of our keepsakes. Sometimes, upon completing, photographing or packaging your keepsake, we notice small flaws, such as microbubbles. This process of quality control ensures us that we can adjust the handmade item, and sometimes this means the keepsake will stay another week with us.