How we turn cremation ashes into ash infused jewellery

Bespoke ash-infused cremation jewellery, individually crafted to hold your loved ones ashes safe between solid metal layers like sterling silver or gold.

Our clients love our signature ash-infused keepsake design as it represents infinite love and unity, connects you with your loved one and is suitable for everyday wear. 

What is ash-infused jewellery?

Precious remains are gently worked into solid metal like sterling silver and gold, combining traditional and new methods.  Turning cremation ashes into jewellery is a gentle dance between fire and soul. Like the ocean hugs the shore, that is how I work the metal around your precious keepsake.  I first introduced the concept of ash infused solid metals in 2018, and it has since become one of your favourite keepsakes.

Depending on the design, we work the remains into the following metals: 

  • Sterling Silver
  • Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold 
  • White Gold 

When we craft with cremated remains, we do so with love and full intention. One of our fundamental principles is to craft one keepsake at a time to give your loved ones the respectful aftercare they deserve. 

Ash infused jewellery designs enable the remains to be gently tugged away yet are still so close to the person wearing the keepsake.

Suitable Keepsakes:

  • Ashes of a loved one | IVF Straw | Remains of a beloved family pet | A lock of hair | Fur | Horse Hair 

How many cremation ashes do you need for jewellery? 

  • Ashes of a loved one: up to half a teaspoon or 2 grams of cremation ashes 
  • Lock of Hair/Fur: up to half a cup or 100 gram
  • IVF Straw: we provide gentle in house preservation  for one (or more) Embryo Straw(s) 

Each ash-infused design we create is different as the finished texture is guided by the nature of your precious keepsake within.

Only the wearer knows its significance and can choose to tell the jewellery’s story.

Cremation Ashes into Jewellery

Why our clients love our ash infused solid metal designs:

  • Discrete 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Easy care 

Immeryours is home to the original ash infused memorial jewellery. A unique design concept by Immeryours, respectfully crafted for you in my studio in Queensland. 

Crafting with cremated remains and turning those into jewellery is our passion. The first moment we connect, my goal is to gently guide you and help you choose a piece representing and honouring your memories. Handing over remains can be an emotional time, and it’s our job to lovingly support you.

With warmth,

Anja & Immeryours Team