We want you to enjoy your beautiful keepsake forever, please read through these care instructions to keep your keepsake in the best possible condition.


Whether a precious diamond ring or any other piece, all jewellery should be taken off first and put on last. To avoid accidental damage, please take your jewellery off during heavy hands-on work, such as exercise, gardening and cooking. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner unless deemed safe by us or another jeweller

Please note your jewellery may be affected by:

  • Applying lotions, perfume, hairspray and other beauty products
  • Cleaning with harsh soaps or household chemicals


Please always remove your jewellery when:

  • Applying lotion, perfume, hairspray or other beauty products
  • Showering or swimming due to soaps and chemicals
  • Washing hands, using alcohol wipes (if wearing a keepsake ring)
  • While cleaning due to contact with chemicals, cleaning wipes included
  • Sunbaking, Gardening
  • Prolonged exposure to light, your keepsake is made from high quality, UV stable jewellery grade resin, but we do recommend avoiding too much sun exposure
  • While cooking as the heat from the stove can damage your stone
  • Preparing food, remember we use vinegar in the studio to clean resin spills

Our polishing cloth sets are suitable for your keepsake stone as well as the metal. The kit contains a special formulated wax and polishing cloth.

Check out our maintenance kit here.


  • Some gemstones are harder than others
  • Store Pearls and Opals away from other jewellery to prevent accidental damage
  • Remove when doing heavy hands-on work, such as exercise, gardening and cooking
  • Most gemstones can be cleaned with mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush, rinse immediately


  • All Sterling Silver contains copper, which means sterling can tarnish
  • Same care instructions apply as above (no lotion, perfume, chemicals, and so on).
  • Use a polishing cloth at least once a month to give some love to your creation. This will bring the metal back to shine and remove any tarnishing that occurs naturally for these metals.
  • If you are prone to green marks on your skin while wearing sterling – perhaps look at other metal options if you don’t like the effect.
  • There is the option of white gold if you prefer the silver colour. Other metals are available as well, like gold and palladium.
  • Always store your jewellery in an airtight container should you wish to store it for longer times.


  • Solid gold jewellery will seldom tarnish but requires ongoing maintenance with a jewellery cloth
  • Avoid contact with heavy chemicals
  • Rose and yellow gold scratch easier than white gold, please store all jewellery separate from each other to avoid any damage
  • Clean gold jewellery with a soft toothbrush and mild detergent, rinse immediately