Thank you for trusting us to create your precious keepsake for you.

Making the journey of crafting your keepsake as comfortable as possible is one of my goals. I aim to take the stress away as much as possible. Therefore, everything you need to send us is supplied in a little pack which we’ll send to you after checkout. The package will come with everything you need to store ashes, a lock of hair, fur, fabric, flowers, fluids, umbilical cord, sand and much more.

All packaging is eco-sustainable and will be recycled on studio premisses.


Place one teaspoon into the provided brass capsule. We will return the urn to you
with all unused ashes.

Lock of hair and fur:

Place a tiny amount of hair/fur into the provided bio-degradable cello bag. We can craft with just one strand of hair/fur if you wish, but generally ask for around 10-20 strands to select from.

Umbilical Cord:

You can cut a small piece of the dried cord or send us the entire stump.


We prefer that the placenta or the cord is already professionally dried. Please contact us prior purchase if you require instructions on how to dry the placenta at home. The placenta can be sent either dried or pulverised. One capsule is usually enough for up to 2pieces of jewellery, pending on your design.


We understand that some clients choose to send us breastmilk for us to create a keepsake in remembrance of the precious soul they have lost.

Generally, we ask for 10ml of expressed breastmilk but can work with as little as 2ml. The milk does not have to be fresh as the breastmilk is not for consumption. If your milk is frozen, we ask that you thaw the milk before placing in the mail. 10ml of expressed milk is plenty for up to 3 jewellery pieces


Dried flowers and other botanicals make a beautiful keepsake. Whether you send us flowers from a funeral or the tree you planted to honour a lost soul, we can create a keepsake that will bring you comfort and joy. Dried flowers can be sent in our provide storage cases. Due to Australia’s Quarantine Law, we ask that you do not send us botanicals from outside Australia. You are welcome to contact us, and we will put you in touch with a keepsake artist in your country.


Remember that beautiful beach you walked, with your partner or best friend? The sand or the soil from a resting place can make a lovely keepsake. A teaspoon is often enough for your keepsake creation.

All other keepsakes:

Please contact us for sending keepsakes like fabric, wood, gemstones, paper, or for that favourite wine you shared together.

Sending your keepsake

Being kind to the environment is very important to us. We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly and sustainable business. Please return your keepsake to us in the provided cardboard envelope and place it into the provided envelope.

Take this pouch to your nearest post office and send it via Australia Post registered mail or your chosen courier if you’re posting from outside Australia.

Postal Address:
PO Box 562
Cannonvale QLD 4802

Please retain your tracking number label for your peace of mind.

After posting your keepsake:

We highly recommend sending your keepsakes via registered mail so that you can track your parcel at any time.

Please note that our studio is located in a remote town and therefore
regular postage within Australia can take up to 10 business days and express post approximately four business days.

We check our mail at least twice a week and your precious cargo is securely stored in our post office box until we personally collect it. Once we have received your keepsake, you will receive a confirmation email advising that everything is labelled and safely stored away in
our studio.