Immeryours Ring Size Chart

Please have a look at our Immeryours ring size chart to determine the perfect fit for your keepsake ring.

If you are unsure of your size, we recommend visiting your nearest jeweller for measurement. Otherwise, our Return Care Kits will come with a complimentary ring sizer for your convenience.

How to determine the right ring size for you

Option One

Our return care kit will come with a complimentary ring sizer. It is a convenient alternative to visiting a local jeweller. Our ring sizer will give you a good size estimate. Please measure your size over two days and on at least three different times a day, because our fingers change shapes throughout the day.

A ring should be easy to slide over your knuckle and a little harder to take off.

Option Two:

Visit your nearest jeweller and kindly ask to have your ring size measured. Either by taking a fitting ring in with you or have your finger measured in place. Please ask the jeweller or sales assistant for the inside diameter and compare those to our ring size chart.
As ring sizes vary from store to store, comparing the inside millimetre is the most accurate way.