The Story of Immeryours

Immeryours was born out of my love for beautifully handmade memorial jewellery and pieces designed to be loved and treasured. I believe that every story matters and precious memories should be captured in the most beautiful of pieces as a bond between past, present and future generations.

All my creations are beautiful pieces of jewellery that can be worn everyday as an enduring tribute. Only the wearer knows its significance and only they can choose to share the story or keep their memories safely tucked away.

I love playing with combinations of materials and coming up with something unexpectedly beautiful and sentimental. I have fine-tuned my craft in one-of-a-kind artworks, diamond and raw gemstone jewellery, and custom commissions. My designs have evolved from being single pieces to cohesive sets that can be worn by entire families.

“Everything is more beautiful when it is made with heart.”

My creations are created with intention and purpose, in a space of honour, joy and respect. Those same values are passed on into every item I handmake.

Being trusted to create a physical symbol of a lifetime of love and unforgettable memories is truly special. From the first moment we speak, my goal is to gently take you by the hand and help you choose a piece that represents and honours your memories. Handing over remains can be an emotional time, and it’s my job to lovingly support you.

The greatest gift for me is being able to create something that wraps my clients in a loving and heartfelt embrace. From the moment they lay eyes on their new keepsakes, they are instantly taken back to cherished moments and are overcome with emotional healing. Finally, they have a tangible tribute to the stories and memories of precious moments in their life.

I would love to do the same for you and your precious memories.


Immeryours and the environment 

Being kind to the environment is very important to me. I pride myself on being an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable business. I am saying NO to plastic packaging and have sourced beautiful eco-friendly materials instead.

Here are a few things we here at Immeryours are doing:

  • invested in eco-sustainable packaging 
  • shop art supplies from eco-friendly and eco-conscious businesses
  • recycle paper and packaging in our studio to our own worm farm 
  • use natural and toxin-free cleaning solutions when crafting your jewellery
  • recycle and reuse packaging from our suppliers wherever possible
  • donate packaging to local kindy for craft projects 

My  resin creations are measured to the millimetre precisely, so we do not produce waste 

Should there be any  leftover resin this will be reused for artwork and/or usable art such as plant pots/candle holders

Immeryours and the community

Community engagement is something I am very passionate about. I am a board member with the Mareeba Business Women Club in the role as Vice President. 

I have previously been on the board of the JCU Animal Ethics committee and the Independent School Townsville. I also offer pro-bono work for charities in different sectors. 

It is my please to donate a percentage of my profits to Charities like ‘The Awearable Collective ‘ and ’66 Rose Cystic Fibrosis.’