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Handmade Keepsake Heart with Ashes of your loved one 

A beautiful alternative to your traditional urn. We can incorporate as much or as little remains in this beautiful handmade keepsake heart. Designed to bring you comfort and warmth while holding the heart close to you.

Our Keepsake hearts are suitable for

  • remains of a loved one

Gemstone options are:

  • Cubic Zirconia
  • or a genuine gemstone upon request

Keepsake heart description:

  • handmade keepsake heart holding the remains of a loved
  • we require a minimum of 5tbsp of remains and
  • precious remains will be infused with natural stone
  • size 9cm x8cm
  • 100% handmade and therefore small variations may apply
  • other sizes available upon request

This is a handmade piece of art, lots of love, soul and care goes into each piece of keepsake art.

Please bear in mind that this type of keepsake memorial art is very individual and slight variations can apply.