The ultimate guide to choose your keepsake jewellery

Losing someone that meant everything to us can hurt in places we never thought possible.

Grief is raw, ugly and unpredictable. 

Our keepsakes are so much more than just jewellery. They can bring comfort, give you a warm emotional hug or remind you of favourite moments with your loved ones.

When we experience grief and loss, we ask ourselves what we can do with our loved ones’ ashes? Is there something we can make from their belongings? Is there an alternative to traditional urns?

A keepsake can be created from more than just ashes. We can turn many things into personalised keepsake jewellery; precious mementos including hair, fur, material from a favourite shirt and flowers are often sent to our studio.

Here is a little guide on how to choose the best piece of keepsake jewellery for you.

Keepsake Jewellery created with Resin Stones

Resin is a beautiful and versatile medium to work with. We can create almost any colour and look that you would like. We can incorporate anything into epoxy resin, meaning it is the best multipurpose agent for keepsake jewellery.  Whilst epoxy resin is durable, it does have some limitations.


  • the most versatile medium for an artist to craft your keepsakes
  • durable with correct maintenance, such as ongoing treatment with a resin wax
  • can last a lifetime but requires proper maintenance
  • suitable for pendants, earrings, charms and bracelets
  • suitable for rings if care instuctions are followed


  • rings should ideally not be worn 24/7
  • the epoxy resin may react if exposed to chemicals, such as chlorine and other cleaning products. Epoxy is soluble in alcohol and acids including vinegar; please avoid contact with these substances
  • Epoxy resin can shrink and expand depending on the surrounding temperatures and manufature.  Regular checking is required to ensure your keepsake stone does not become loose
  • We do not recommend resin stones in rings that feature less than 4 – claw, 4 – prong or peg setting
  • Your epoxy may change colour over time, primarily white and transparent resin pieces. The lighter the shade of your stone, the more noticeable colour change will be, regardless of added UV protection
  • professional maintenance recommended at least every two years

All my resin stones creations  are cured in an especially made custom pressure chamber. Casting under pressure is an excellent way to minimize the risk of shrinkage over time. Our epoxy resin is first placed in a vaccum chamber to remove most trapped air bubbles. After I add your keepsake I then place your creation in our pressure pot and your stone cures at 50PSI for a minimum of 10 hours. The pressure pot is one of my favouite tools in the studio as it aids in producing high quality keepsake stones. I only use the highest grade of jewellery resin availabe on the market.

Handmade solidgold ring with hair keepsake

Memorial Jewellery created with Glass 

Ashes can be incorporated into a glass cabochon or charm and then set into jewellery. A glass cabochon can be made and placed on a layer of your keepsake, such as fur, flowers or fabric.


  • can last a lifetime with proper care
  • no discolouration over time
  • simple maintenance such as wiping down with a wet microfibre cloth
  • suitable for pendants, earrings, charms and bracelets
  • can be worn in a keepsake ring with care


  • can scratch or shatter if in contact with hard surfaces
  • limited design options compared to epoxy resin

Keepsake Jewellery created with Immerstones

Our Immerstones are a combination of your keepsakes and semi-precious gemstones. Keepsakes like ashes, dried umbilical cord or hair can be incorporated into an Immerstone.


  • can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance
  • no shrinkage over time
  • no discolouration
  • suitable for pendants, earrings, charms and bracelets
  • can be worn in a keepsake ring with care


  • your jewellery needs to be taken off when showering or swimming due to possible contact with harmful chemicals
  • can react with surrounding chemicals, including chlorine and other cleaning products
Remains amongst genuine gemstone

Keepsake Jewellery created with genuine Gemstones

I would love for you to keep memorial jewellery in the family for many generations. One of the reasons I love creating with genuine gemstones like Opal, Ruby, Emerald and more.


  • Cremation Jewellery can be worn daily
  • Can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance
  • Suitable for all jewellery styles and settings
  • Some special care might be required for ring settings


  • Price
  • some gemstones are soften than others, we are happy to guide you though and offer sensitive choices

Urn-Style Keepsake Jewellery 


  • affordable
  • no need to send remains or hair away


  • limited in design
  • can be heavier than other memorial jewellery

Keepsakes created with Memorial Diamonds 

Cremation diamonds are made from the carbon contained in the ashes and hair.


  • cremation Diamonds will withstand the test of time
  • Perfect Family heirloom
  • almost unbreakable
  • visually very close to natural diamonds
  • excellent brilliance and shine
  • suitable for all jewellery styles and settings


  • price
  • can take up to four months to be created by a lab

Keepsakes won’t bring back the person or pet we lost, but they can help us to continue

their story and bring comfort when needed.