The perfect keepsake to keep your loved one close

We’ve all faced the devastating loss of someone we love. The grief is intense, the pain at times unbearable. We look for tangible ways to remember our loved one, to ensure their story continues. It’s important to keep our loved one’s memory alive while sharing their life with generations to come.

Cremation or keepsake jewellery has given countless families the enduring connection with their loved one they desperately long for. So what is cremation jewellery and why is it the perfect keepsake?

Why cremation jewellery?

Comfort, closeness and commemoration

Turning a loved one’s ashes into a beautiful piece of jewellery provides comfort and closeness during the time of heart wrenching grief when you’re looking for ways to continue your life without that person by your side. But it also gives you the opportunity to commemorate your loved one, carrying precious memories close to your heart and sharing personal stories with family and friends.

Durable, timeless and small

Unlike a memorial urn or a headstone, memorial or cremation jewellery is durable, timeless and small. Memorial diamonds, like any diamond, are durable and can be passed down from one generation to the next. You can also have a piece of jewellery crafted with your love one’s ashes fused or locked into the metal.

Purposeful and practical

A current trend in our consumerist society is to minimise the amount of stuff we have, and to focus instead on items that have meaning and purpose. Choosing to have your loved one’s ashes turned into jewellery creates an individualised piece of jewellery that carries indescribable meaning without cluttering your home.

Jewellery that tells a story

Cremation or keepsake jewellery has been a part of my own life, thanks to my mum who loved to share stories over Christmas as she sorted through her jewellery box, while I absorbed every word. I still remember the smell of our family home and the sound of the rain on the windows on a cold day. Every single piece had a story. Later on, Mum passed on some of the jewellery which I still have to this day.

When I moved to Australia 12 years ago, I arrived with two suitcases including the jewellery box with the family treasures. These precious pieces of jewellery speak of family tradition and family history like nothing else I possess.

Today I’m a mum of four children and I’m the one telling the stories as I take out the jewellery box every Christmas. Now my jewellery box also contains pieces that carry the ashes of our beloved pets. Sitting around the table, we all share stories, laugh and cry.

It’s a gentle reminder that keepsake jewellery does matter and it’s important to encapsulate a loved one’s life in order to keep their story going.


Cremation or keepsake jewellery provides a tangible and beautiful way to keep your loved one close. I’ve had the privilege of handcrafting precious                                  jewellery pieces for families who’ve lost a loved one. As I handcraft your treasured piece, I pour my love, passion and honour into your keepsake.