What to Give Someone Who is Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Give gifts that last longer than flowers

When someone dear to you is grieving the loss of a loved one, it’s hard to know what to say and how to comfort them. Flowers are the universal symbol of love and sympathy, but it’s a temporary gift that only lasts a week or two.

Consider paying your respects with a token that will be remembered and treasured for years to come  with the following four ideas.


One of the most valuable gifts is time.

We live in a fast-paced world where time has become a commodity, so its value is even greater when given freely. The gift of time means sitting with a friend in mourning, sharing stories or strolling down memory lane with a photo album.

It can also mean lending a helping hand to keep the house tidy to create a comforting and welcoming home. The gift of time is not about what you do, but the presence you bring.

Give the gift of time


More often than not, people who are grieving have difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks as these pale in significance to the loss they’re experiencing. You reduce their burden by cooking meals and making sure they get sufficient nourishment during this challenging time.

Prepare enough meals for a week and freeze them, or take the time to pop by with a hearty vegetable packed lasagne or casserole. Why not load their kitchen bench with fresh fruit for easy snacking?

Provide a healthy meal


A donation to a relevant charity is an honourable way to respect the person who passed away. A financial gift has the potential to make a difference in the lives of others suffering from the same disease or condition. This gesture, whether great or small, is greatly appreciated by family and friends.

Consider sending a card to the bereaved family and friends sharing with them the gift you gave in honour of their loved one. It’s a wonderful way to show people there’s plenty of good left in this world.

Memorial Keepsakes

A memorial keepsake that reminds a person of their loved one is a touching gift. It’s unlike any other gift as it creates a physical connection with a loved one. Memorial charms, for example, are incredibly versatile. Keepsakes, such as hair or ashes, can be carefully crafted into small, wearable jewellery like bracelets, pendants or keychains.

As a professional jewellery artist, I’ve had the privilege of creating handcrafted memorial keepsakes for countless grieving families. Their feedback has been overwhelming as receiving the keepsake brings back treasured memories and releases many emotions.

The process is easy and straightforward. You receive a special package explaining in detail how to safely send the keepsake. The special package includes everything required to store ashes, a lock of hair, fur, fabric, flowers, umbilical cord, sand or another keepsake.

Alternatively, you can organise a memorial charm for a grieving friend for family member. Ask to receive the special package and return it with fabric from an item of clothing, flowers from the memorial, or some paper from the memorial service booklet.

A memorial keepsake is a custom-made gift suitable for men and women that keeps on giving.

More than just a present

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