Custom Keepsake Jewellery doesn’t have to be more expensive than our ready-made available designs, and they are often similar in creation fees as we work with you and your budget. While our creation fees can’t compete with mass-produced jewellery, the beauty of custom keepsakes is truly unique. It is crafted the way you like it without compromising exceptional quality. 

There are a few details that will influence the cost of having custom keepsake jewellery made:

Metal type and weight

  • Consider what kind of metal you want. We work with any solid metals available, including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and palladium. 
  • We do not recommend plated keepsake jewellery, as all plating will eventually wear off, which means plating must be redone regularly, which will add to the costs in the long run.

Will your custom keepsake involve handmade composite stones, gemstones or diamonds?

  • Learn more about our composite stones here. 
  • We work with trusted Australian based gemstone suppliers to provide you with high-quality stones for your piece. 
  • It doesn’t have to be any of the above. We have worked in the past with sea glass, set timber shards into custom jewellery, and worked with pieces of broken porcelain and ceramic from a beloved and sentimental tea set. 

Design choices

  • We kindly ask you to send us photos or any sketches you may have, as this is always a great way to start your keepsake.
  • This will allow us to assess and recommend suitable options to craft a custom keepsake for you. 

Digital Design and 3D Printing

  • We aim for the best possible outcome and will create a digital CAD (computer-aided design) version of your keepsake jewellery for you. You can book this service here. 
  • We can then quote you to have your bespoke memorial piece created for you. Generally, the quote will consist of different metal prices and composite stones, gemstones or diamonds.

We will always offer you options at each creation step and work with your design and budget. We want you to appreciate and cherish your bespoke personalised keepsake. One of the advantages of having your keepsake made to order is to tailor it to your budget, lifestyle, and the story you would like to remember.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. You matter to us, and we are happy to advise any keepsake design you have in mind.