‘After Life’ – The Rawness of Grief

From the start, I was a fan of Ricky Gervais’ Netflix series ‘After Life.’ The show, in my opinion, shows the darkness, the true rawness, and all the strange emotional and bizarre moments surrounding grief. ‘After Life’ is brilliantly honest and deep.

Tony ( Ricky Gervais) grieves the loss of his wife. Through the 3 seasons, Tony goes through different stages of grief, from not caring for others to not wanting sympathy, drinking, being angry, and appearing uncaring. Yet, Tony is hanging on to life, making new connections and at the same time fearing those new relationships with others and the way he sees himself. ‘After Life’ highlights the emotional rollercoaster of grief and how difficult it can be to take one foot in front of the other. Especially when your heart is terribly broken, and you’re grieving with every fibre of your body.  

Finishing Season 3 had me in all tears, and I have no doubt that I’ll soon watch it all again.

I have written down some of my favourite quotes about love, grief and kindness from the Netflix series ‘After Life’ to share with you. 

Happiness is amazing

“Happiness is amazing. It’s so amazing, it doesn’t matter if it’s yours or not.”

“A society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they’ll never sit in.”

After Life Netflix Ricky Gervais

“I’d rather live missing him than for him to live missing me. That’s how much I love him.”

“I’d rather be nowhere with her than somewhere without her.”

Hope Is Everything.

“Hope Is Everything.”

After Life Netflix Quotes

“If you want to be an angel, you’ve got to do it while you’re alive. Be good and do good things,”

“I thought not caring was a superpower. I was wrong. Caring about stuff, that’s what really matters. Kindness and making other people feel good. That’s the real superpower, and we’ve all got it.”

Plant Trees

“A society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they’ll never sit in.”

“Well, I think life is precious because you can’t watch it again. I mean you can believe in an after life if that makes you feel better but once you realise you’re not going to be around forever, I think that’s what makes life so magical.”

I hope you enjoy,