Double Channel Ring – Precious Metal2021-07-26T11:09:08+10:00

Double Channel Ring – Precious Metal

Choosing your keepsake design is very personal and as individual as your treasured memories. You can select any of our stone options above or request a custom colour. Please bear in mind that this type of jewellery is very individual and unique and slight variations can apply.

  • Ashes / Cremains
  • Preserved Umbilical Cord / Placenta / Breastmilk
  • IVF Straw Remains (In House Cremation)
  • Lock Of Hair / Fur / Horse Mane
  • Sand from a final resting place / favourite place
  • Flowers / Fabrics
  • and so much more


Double Channel Ring in sterling silver or gold - Description

  • Channel ring with two channels for your keepsakes
  • Channel Measurements 2mm and  3mm
  • total width approx. 8.5mm
  • you can choose different colours and keepsakes for each channel, just let us know at check out


As wider rings sit tighter around your finger, we will automatically size your ring up for you. As a guide only, this double channel ring will weigh around 8gr for a size O. Depending on your ring size, your ring will weigh either a little less or more.




What happens after I purchase my keepsake:

  • We want to make this part as comfortable as possible. After checkout, we carefully check your order and prepare your kit.
  • We will send you your kit (if you are in Australia) via registered mail. 
  • Everything you need to pack your keepsake respectfully will be sent to you in a kit after checkout.
  • Our kit will include a complimentary ring sizer if applicable.

Our  Return Care Kits will come with a complimentary ring sizer for your convenience. Please have a look at our Immeryours ring size chart to determine the perfect fit for your keepsake ring.

  • Choose the stone colour, if you prefer no additional colour for  your keepsake, please select ‘none’ or n/a
  • Choose the add one if applicable, if you prefer no ad on select ‘none’
  • Please leave a message in the order notes regarding your  type of keepsake
  • Everything you need to respectfully pack your keepsake will be sent to you in a ‘Return Care Kit’ after checkout
All our keepsake  jewellery is handmade. Wether you wish to have a memorial keepsake crafted or a keepsake to celebrate a life event, all our pieces are created with  lots of love, soul and care. Please bear in mind that this type of keepsake jewellery is very individual and slight variations can and will apply. Please read through our FAQ section before choosing your bespoke keepsake design. If you are in Australia, we will send you a kit after checkout , which will include most of the information you need. Please select your precious design carefully as we cannot always make changes to your custom design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is keepsake jewellery waterproof?2021-05-30T13:57:30+10:00

One of the most common questions we get asked is if our keepsake jewellery is waterproof. Yes,  memorial jewellery made from sterling silver, gold or platinum is waterproof. In fact, before each piece leaves the studio, your keepsake spends some time in a rotating tumbler submerged in water as a form of quality control. However, we advise taking jewellery off when swimming or showering, as chemicals in shampoos or cleaning agents can make your jewellery appear dull over time. In addition, chemicals in water may damage composite stones, soft gemstones and pearls over time.

A good practice is to take your jewellery off when swimming and showering. If your keepsake jewellery comes into contact with soaps or lotions in the shower, clean it with plain water and dry completely but gently with a soft towel and a jewellery cleaning cloth.

Follow our care instructions, have your keepsake professionally maintained once a year to keep your precious jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought them!

Can I add more than one keepsake to my jewellery?2021-05-30T14:18:46+10:00

Yes, absolutely. Most of our designs are suitable to have more than one keepsake encapsulated. For example, many clients choose the following combinations:

  • ashes/lock of hair
  • ashes / fur / horse mane
  • preserved breastmilk/lock of hair
  • lock of hair from more than one person
  • flowers/ashes

However, some designs are not suitable to carry more than one keepsake. Those designs usually have that information displayed in the shop description. If you are unsure about your keepsake and the chosen design, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We can do many things to craft your precious keepsake, and we are happy to guide you through it.

Can you use the umbilical cord for my keepsake?2021-05-30T15:00:07+10:00

We can craft your umbilical ord keepsake just for you. If you don’t feel like throwing away your baby’s umbilical cord stump, there are many things you can do to save it and keep it for years to come.

One of the things you can do is to have an umbilical cord keepsake crafted for you. The beauty of such a keepsake is that the umbilical cord will be professionally preserved in our studio. Your keepsake can be as bold or as dainty as you like and it is up to you to reveal your jewellery special story.

Everything you need to send us your babies umbilical cord will be provided in our complimentary return care kits. Upon the arrival of your umbilical keepsake, the provided cord stump is then professionally preserved in our studio. A small sample of your babies umbilical cord can either create a beautiful earthy toned keepsake or set as an accent with other keepsakes or alone. We kindly ask that you do not send us the entire umbilical cord but only a small snippet.