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While our jewellery is made to last, all jewellery benefits from ongoing professional repair and maintenance.

Keepsake jewellery should be checked regularly by a professional DNA artist or Jeweller to protect and maintain your keepsake for years to come.

Our free keepsake jewellery maintenance service includes

  • Surface wear and scratch removal
  • Buffing and polishing

This service is free once a year, and the costs of this listing are to cover return post via registered and insured mail.

Our Keepsake Jewellery Repair Service includes*

  • Keepsake Stone resetting or replacement
  • Keepsake Stone restoration
  • Keepsake jewellery setting repairs
  • Keepsake Jewellery revitalisation and restoration

*Professional cleaning and maintenance is a free service by Immeryours, however at times we will quote you for material costs, should components need to be replaced, typically associated with repairs.


What happens after I checkout

We kindly ask that you send us your keepsake in a sturdy jewellery box via registered mail. We will notify you via email when we have collected your mail from our PO box.

Our mailing address is


Att: Maintenance

PO Box 2778

Mareeba Qld 4880

Generally, turn around time for free keepsake maintenance is five working days. Turn around time for repair will depend on the type of repair.