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Minimalist Keepsake Ring with Ashes


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Minimalist Keepsake Ring with Ashes

This handcrafted minimalistic keepsake ring features the smallest amount of ashes. Bonded to the ring band, a gentle reminder of all the love and the memories we carry ever so gently in our heart.


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More Information

This piece of personalised keepsake jewellery is suitable for:

  • ashes

Other keepsake options are:

  • placenta | umbilical cord | sand

How to design your keepsake:

  • stone colour reflects in the sunlight and can give a nice touch to your keepsake
  • Please let me know in the order notes which keepsake you will be sending us
  • Everything you need to respectfully pack your keepsake will be sent to you in a ‘Return Care Kit’ after checkout

Our  Return Care Kits will come with a complimentary ring sizer for your convenience.

Please have a look at our Immeryours ring size chart to determine the perfect fit for your keepsake ring.


Keepsake Jewellery description:

  • three square keepsake placements 1.5mm x 1.5mm each
  • adding colour to the ashes with only alter the colour minimal due to the size of the keepsake area



Question: How do I send you my keepsakes?

Answer: Everything you need is supplied in our ‘Return Care Kit’ which we will send to you after checkout. The package will come with everything you need to store ashes, umbilical cord or dried placenta.


Tip: Please retain your tracking number label for easier tracking.


Question: How much Umbilical Cord should I send?

Answer: You can place a small piece of the dried cord or send us the entire stump if you prefer.



Other Information:


Our memorial jewellery is handmade. Lots of love, soul and care goes into each piece of keepsake jewellery.

Please bear in mind that this type of keepsake is very individual and slight variations can apply.


Please read through our FAQ section before choosing your bespoke keepsake design. If you are in Australia, we will send you a kit after check out what all the information you need.

Please select your precious design carefully as we cannot always make changes to your custom design.

Please read through the shipping information provided on the page before sending us your special keepsake.





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