Nia – Dainty Stackable Keepsake Ring


A sweet and dainty keepsake ring handcrafted for you. It is beautiful to wear on its own or as part of a stacking ring set.

End of Line Design – One of our most popular designs in retiring

Nia Keepsake Ring

Meet the “Nia” Ring – a beautiful dainty keepsake ring, a way to hold onto your special moments. The name Nia means bright, radiant and shining. We thought it was a fitting name choice to honour the memories that we cherish so much. Memories we treasure and hold dear, filled with moments that warm our hearts and make us smile.  They may bring us sadness and tears to our eyes, but let this ring serve as a beautiful reminder of the good times you’ve shared together.

Five dainty teardrop-shaped settings hold space for either precious remains or locks of hair/fur finely cut up to fill the space.

  • The keepsake centre stone is 4×3 mm
  • accented keepsake stones are 3×2 each
  • suitable to wear on its own
  • or as an accented ring to our Aysha Ring, Adele Teardrop  Ring and Grand Memory Lane

Wear this dainty keepsake ring by itself or pair it up as a stacking ring set with our Aysha Ring, Adele Teardrop Ring, or Grand Memory Lane collection. It’s a lovely way to keep those bright memories close.


icon_check_alt2 icon Cremation Ashes
icon_check_alt2 icon Locks of Hair / Fur
icon_check_alt2 icon IVF Straw / In House Preservation

icon_check_alt2 icon Breastmilk
icon_check_alt2 icon Umbilical Cord
icon_check_alt2 icon Placenta Capsule

icon_check_alt2 icon Flowers / Botanicals
icon_check_alt2 icon Fabric
icon_check_alt2 icon Sand / Soil

  • We want to make the journey of crafting a keepsake as comfortable as possible for you. After receiving your order, we carefully check everything and prepare your return care kit if you’re located in Australia. 

What is in my return care kit?

  • Your return care kit contains everything you need to pack your keepsake respectfully.
  • Will include a complimentary ring sizer if applicable. Please have a look at our Immeryours ring size chart to determine the perfect fit for your keepsake ring.
  • Your kit will have a prepaid registered return envelope for your convenience.

After we receive your keepsake:

  • We check your keepsake against your order, label everything and start the preservation process.
  • After everything is checked, we will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours, including a date when you can expect your keepsake to be finished. 
  • Our turnaround time begins when we receive your order, and for rings, it starts when we receive your ring size. 

As your keepsake is handcrafted just for you, please allow us eight to twelve weeks to create your jewellery, except keepsake charms, diamonds and express service. You are welcome to reach out at any time should you have any questions. 

  • Please choose your stone colour. If you prefer to keep your keepsake stone natural with no additional colour, please select ‘none’ if applicable.
  • We are more than happy to create a custom colour for you. Please contact us beforehand so we can discuss the options available. 
  • Please leave us a message in the order notes at checkout regarding your type of keepsake so we can send you everything you need in your return care kit. 
  • Your return care kit will include a notecard to leave us additional notes if you like. 

All our keepsake jewellery is handmade. Whether you wish to have a memorial keepsake crafted or a keepsake to celebrate a life event, all our pieces are created with lots of love, soul and care. Please be mindful that this type of keepsake jewellery is very individual, and slight variations can and will apply. Slight variations are not a flaw but a sign that your keepsake is truly handmade and a gentle reminder of the unique memories you deeply treasure. Please read through our FAQ section before choosing your bespoke keepsake design. If you are in Australia, we will send you a kit after checkout, which will include most of the information you need. Please select your precious design carefully, as we cannot always make changes to your custom design after we’ve started the keepsake creation process.